Welcome to Part 2 of this season’s thrilling 14th episode! This time, we’re diving deeper into our conversation with the celebrated South African Classical Pianist, Liam Pitcher. Renowned for his remarkable ability to blend classical music with electro-acoustic and electronic elements through improvisation, Liam has garnered widespread recognition.

During this segment, we delve into a myriad of topics, including the origins of his musical journey, his deep-seated love for music, and his efforts to champion South African composers.

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00:00:00 – Excerpt from the Video Clip of Liam’s Piano Solo Improvisational Work, “Improvised Scherzo”

00:00:38 – Intro

00:02:21 – The Genesis of Passion: Discovering a Love for Music and the Piano – Liam’s Journey and Training

00:15:53 – Championing South African Melodies: Liam’s Advocacy for Local Composers – A Dive into the Richness of South African Classical Music

Excerpt from the Video Clip of Liam’s Piano Solo Improvisational Work, “Improvised Fantasy in A-Flat Minor”

00:30:49 – Charting the Future: Unveiling Upcoming Projects and Artistic Visions with Liam

00:34:28 – TPP Rapid Fire Questions