We had the pleasure of chatting with the acclaimed South African Classical Pianist Liam Pitcher, known for his exceptional improvisation skills, which combine classical music with electro-acoustic and electronic elements, earning him widespread acclaim.

In Part 1 of our discussion, we explored various topics ranging from the art of piano improvisation to engaging audiences and the societal responsibilities of classical musicians. We also discussed the importance of educating the public about the diverse world of classical music and challenging today’s popular music, which often relies on repetitive and addictive formulas.

This engaging interview offers insights into:

  • ✅ Liam’s improvisation philosophy
  • ✅ His extensive “Improvisations” CD album series, which includes more than 10 volumes
  • ✅ The unique aspects of his improvisational style that set him apart in today’s music scene
  • ✅ A closer look at his piano improvisation methods and his relationship with the instrument

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