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Join us for an extraordinary conversation with Miki Sawada, the talented Pianist & CEO of Gather Hear Inc on Tuesday, February 6, 2024!

Since the inception of our show, we’ve shone a spotlight on pianists who astonish us with their creativity. 😎 Yet, Miki’s journey is truly unparalleled. Dive into the details:

Launched in 2017, inspired by the divisive atmosphere of the 2016 🇺🇸 Presidential Election, Gather Hear Tour is Miki’s labor of love. Eschewing conventional venues, she embarks on tours across rural America, bringing high-quality, inclusive classical music performances to communities often overlooked.

From the spiritual landscapes of Utah to the rural stretches of Alabama, and from quaint local cafes to segregated schools and prisons, Miki’s journey in her Uhaul van, with her piano in tow, is a mission to deliver the beauty of live music directly to the people. Her approach fosters genuine connections, celebrating the spirit of American life through the universal language of music.

What began as a musical odyssey has evolved into a profound journalistic endeavor. Miki documents her experiences, offering an intimate glimpse into the American heartland through candid video recordings. These stories, raw and unfiltered, weave a rich narrative of the nation’s diverse tapestry, with music serving as the key to unlocking community bonds. After each tour, Miki and her team craft vlogs and produce documentary films that resonate with cinematic impact.

😎Check out Miki’s award-winning films on her YouTube channel, including “Gather Hear Louisiana 2022,” the latest film from the Gather Hear Tour, which premiered at the Independent Film Festival Boston in April 2023.

👏Set your reminders for 📆 February 6, 2024, at 8:00 pm E.T. on our YouTube channel for an unforgettable episode with Miki Sawada as she unveils the stories and inspirations behind the Gather Hear Tour.

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🎼 Meet Miki Sawada: Featured in The Boston Globe’s Best of Arts 2021 list, Miki is reshaping classical music through her innovative Gather Hear Tour. She travels state-by-state and brings her piano to community spaces, connecting with Americans through free concerts in unconventional venues nationwide. Miki’s diverse career includes solo and chamber music, focusing on contemporary pieces, with notable performances at Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her debut album, “A Kind of Mirror,” released in 2021, is a five-movement electroacoustic work inspired by long-distance running, earning acclaim and featuring in a commercial for Tracksmith. Miki’s unique approach to classical music is highlighted through her rich tapestry of performances and accolades.

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