Here is the trailer for The Piano Pod’s upcoming episode with Concert Pianist, Recording Artist, and Educator Dr. Michael Kaykov.

The entire episode will be available as a video on YouTube on September 5, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. ET.

The audio episode will be divided into two segments, with Part 1 launching simultaneously on your preferred podcast platform during the video premiere.

Our conversation began with his extensive research on Alexander Scriabin, delving into his admiration for Franz Liszt. We also discussed practical topics like self-funding and career management for independent artists, leading to deeper philosophical discussions about classical music’s role in society, innovative ways to connect with audiences, and more.

🎹 Spotlight on Michael Kaykov: Born into a musical lineage, Michael began his performance journey at just 6. His illustrious education spans institutions like Mannes College & Juilliard, studying under legends Jerome Rose & Jerome Lowenthal. In 2020, he achieved his DMA from the Manhattan School of Music, focusing on Scriabin Etudes. His third album, ‘Unrivalled,’ has been lauded for its sheer brilliance. Apart from his performances, Dr. Kaykov passionately mentors the upcoming musical talents.