๐ŸŽฅ Here is the Trailer for Our Upcoming Episode, “Connecting Contemporary Audiences โ€“ Live Music Project: Bridging Musicians and Audiences, Empowering Next Generation Innovators with Megan Ihnen”

Get ready for our upcoming episode with Megan Ihnen, Mezzo-Soprano and Executive Director of the Live Music Project, for an exhilarating conversation!

During our conversation, we delved into the Live Music Project’s significant impact and reach within the music industry and among global communities of music lovers. We discussed how the platform connects classical musicians with broader audiences and explored the topic of audience engagement โ€” a subject that has captivated Piano Pod listeners from the beginning.

In this episode, we focused on the overview of the Live Music Project

  • โœ… Bridging the Gap Between Musicians and Audiences
  • โœ… Becoming a Hub for Orchestras, Ensembles, Choirs and Independent Musicians
  • โœ… Inviting Novice Listeners with the โ€œSpontaneous Free Tickets Programโ€

We also discussed Meganโ€™s Multifaceted Entrepreneurial Career:

  • โœ… Meganโ€™s Celebrated Career as a Mezzo-Soprano
  • โœ… Helping Fellow Musicians Develop Entrepreneurial Skills through Her Coaching Business
  • โœ… Nurturing the Next Gen of Musical Innovators Through Her Role in the Peabody LAUNCHPad

And much more!

๐Ÿ“† Mark your calendar for May 28, 2024 โ€” you won’t want to miss this fascinating episode with Megan Ihnen!

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๐ŸŽป About the Live Music Project โ€“ The Live Music Project is dedicated to making live classical music performances more accessible to a broader audience. It aims to connect people with local live classical music events through a comprehensive, user-friendly online platform that lists concerts, recitals, and other musical events. The project often focuses on community engagement, fostering a vibrant cultural scene, and supporting musicians and composers by promoting their performances and helping to build audiences for live classical music. Visit to learn more!

๐ŸŽน About Megan Ihnen โ€“ Megan Ihnen, a “new music force of nature,” is an acclaimed mezzo-soprano and advocate for composers. As Executive Director of the Live Music Project, she enhances the classical music scene’s vibrancy and accessibility. She also teaches the “Breakthrough Curriculum” at Peabody Institute, nurturing future musical innovators. Passionate about creative placemaking and audience development, Megan forges impactful cultural partnerships, enriching communities and expanding the arts’ societal impact. Visit to learn more!

๐ŸŽฌ Credits: Yukimi Song (Executive Producer/Writer & A/V Editor)

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