We had the immense pleasure of interviewing Michelle Lynne – Classical Pianist, Entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of The Fearless Artist Mastermind! In this fascinating conversation, we focused on Michelle’s inspiring program, The Fearless Artist Mastermind, which empowers fellow musicians to build a livelihood while creating a meaningful career. We also explored topics such as:

  • 🌟 The evolving landscape of the classical music industry, dissecting the challenges and celebrating the triumphs.
  • 🌟 Strategies to empower musicians, debunking financial stereotypes, and nurturing entrepreneurial mindsets in classical music.
  • 🌟 Practical Tips on Exploring Income Diversification as Freelancers

Then, later, we ventured into a reflective discussion on:

  • 🌟 The significance of understanding our purpose as classical musicians in today’s society, exploring the profound impact we can make beyond the stage.
  • 🌟The evolving landscape of music education – how classical training remains relevant in today’s diverse musical world.

[About the Guest] Michelle Lynne, a Canadian pianist and singer, is a prominent figure in the European music scene. Alongside her performances across Europe, she serves as a Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and is a co-founder of The Fearless Artist Mastermind. Michelle’s expertise lies in addressing core issues with compassion and advocating for artists to break financial barriers. She holds esteemed positions as a Lecturer for Music Entrepreneurship at Conservatorium Maastricht and Codarts University for the Arts, Rotterdam. Michelle is a highly skilled artist, passionate about empowering fellow musicians to reach their fullest potential.

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