Get ready for an exhilarating conversation with Kristhyan Benitez, a Grammy-winning concert pianist and esteemed Steinway Artist known for his mastery of Latin American music, for our upcoming episode!

In our discussion, we delved into Kristhyan’s impressive career accomplishments, exploring his numerous stellar awards and recognitions, and examining how his diverse identity shapes his creative journey.

In this revealing interview, we’ll touch upon

✅ Kristhyan’s critically acclaimed third studio album, “Latin American Classics,” which clinched the Latin Grammy for “Best Classical Album” in 2021.

✅ His Passion for Piano Exploration through Improvisation: insights into his creative process when approaching improvisation in both studio and live settings.

✅ Collaborations with Renowned Figures, Spanning from Legendary Conductors to Latin American Music Icons.

✅ The Influence of Identity Complexity on Artistic Expression and Career Trajectory.

✅ His exciting venture with his alter-ego, “Benitez,” experimenting with electro-acoustic music.

And much more!

🎧 The audio episode of this fun episode will be split into 2 parts. Part 1 will be available on your favorite podcasting platform simultaneously with the YouTube premiere.



🎵Kristhyan’s Grammy-Award Winning Album, “Latin American Classics” under the Steinway and Sons label

🎵Kristhyan’s Grammy-Nominated Album, “Afro Cuban Dances

📱Kristhyan’s Instagram Accounts: and


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