So excited to present 🇳🇿 Sherry Grant – Classical Pianist, Cellist, Poet, and Festival Organizer – for our Season 4, Episode 13!

Sherry’s musical odyssey began with the cello, but her passion for music knows no bounds. Dive into her story as she shares how her love for languages and poetry propelled her into a new realm of artistic expression.

From thousands of published poems to organizing festivals, Sherry’s career is as diverse as it is fascinating. Learn about the tipping point that led her to immerse herself in poetry and how it intertwines with her musical endeavors.

Tune in as Sherry discusses her transition from cellist to pianist and highlights from her musical career, including her deep admiration for poet Katherine Mansfield and composer Alexander Scriabin.


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🎵ABOUT THE GUEST: Sherry Grant

As artistic director of four festivals since 2019, Sherry has been actively performing both in New Zealand and overseas as a pianist, although she was trained primarily as a cellist. Sherry’s favorite instrument is the viola and her favorite composer is Alexander Scriabin.

Many composers have written music for Sherry to premiere since 2019. She is also the mother of 4 children who often perform in concerts with her, and with her youngest daughter Zoe Grant, now 10 years old, Sherry has published poetry books, edited haiku and rengay journals, hosted online poetry gatherings and judged several haiku competitions.

Zoe and Sherry have appeared in numerous interviews in 5 countries since 2021, with a goal of building the Next Golden Age where they will touch and inspire at least a billion people around the world with their creativity.

Sherry is currently planning the 2024 Vio-Latino Concert Tour in South America, Scriabin 2025 Festival as well as Hill & Carr Festival in 2026. Her events are generally multidisciplinary where several art forms are combined.


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