Welcome back to Part 2 of The Piano Pod’s Season 4 Episode 2 with a Team of A Seat at the Piano: Annie Jeng, Brendan Jacklin, Evan Hines, and Susan Yang. If you missed our intriguing chat in Part 1, where we explored ASAP’s mission and how they support fellow classical pianists and educators, catch up on your go-to podcast platform or tap HERE. 🎹 Episode Highlights:

  • ASAP’s influence on our Industry/Community,
  • Awards/recognition received since the launch in 2020
  • Innovative Strategies for classical musicians to engage contemporary audiences, and more!

🎹Spotlight on A Seat at the Piano: ASAP’s mission is to promote and advocate for the inclusion, study, and performance of a more equitably representative body of piano works. By creating a resource for musicians, pedagogues, and curious music appreciators, ASAP aims to broaden their knowledge of composers and their works. 🌐Learn more about ASAP, please visit HERE. 🎹 Spotlight on team members of A Seat at the Piano:

  • Annie Jeng (Founder/Executive Director).
  • Brendan Jacklin (Co-founder/Director of Operations)
  • Evan Hines (Co-founder/Coordinator of Database Operations).
  • Susan Yang (Co-founder/Director of Special Projects and Community Engagement)

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