Join us as we continue our conversation with the exceptional pedagogue, Irina Gorin – with Irina Gorin, Creator of the “Tales of a Musical Journey” Series and Founder of The Gorin Institute

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Irina Gorin is celebrated for her groundbreaking approach to piano education, particularly for young children and beginners. Educated in Ukraine, her teaching methods highlight musicality, expressiveness, and a comprehensive grasp of piano fundamentals from the onset. Using storytelling and vivid imagery, her acclaimed method books and tutorial videos make learning piano engaging and effective. As a respected figure in music education, she’s a regular at international conferences, masterclasses, and workshops, passionately sharing her insights while guiding piano teachers globally.

In Part 2 of this episode, we delved into:

  • ✅ Irina’s insights on the prevailing challenges and misconceptions among piano teachers in the post-pandemic era.
  • ✅ The ways she empowers piano teachers through innovative courses and fosters a supportive community at The Gorin Institute.
  • ✅ Irina’s views on the critical role of parental involvement in ensuring consistent practice for young beginners.

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