For Season 4, Episode 3, I enjoyed sitting down with Mr. Ludovic Zamor, a Canadian-American Concert Pianist and Recording Artist. 🎹🎶 And this episode is Part 1 of 2! During our conversation, we dove deep into

  • Ludovic’s captivating journey in the world of classical music.
  • His fervor for romantic era compositions.
  • Life as an artist in the post-pandemic world. How has it changed? How do we adapt?

Then, later, we ventured into an introspective discussion on:

  • The significance of understanding our purpose as classical musicians in today’s society.
  • Thoughts on Meritocracy: Pros & Cons

And guess what? We even touched upon the intriguing world of AI! 🤖

🎧 The audio format will be split into two parts! Part 2 drops alongside our YouTube premiere on October 10 at 8:00 p.m. ET on your go-to podcast platform!

🎹Spotlight on Ludovic Zamor: Mr. Zamor, a Canadian-American Concert Pianist and Recording Artist, began his musical journey under his father’s tutelage, quickly establishing himself as a prodigious talent. By 18, he made his solo debut at the esteemed Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall and has since become a staple at Steinway Events, attending grand unveilings like the Steinway Spirio. In 2023, he launched his Romantic Era Classical Piano Solo Album “Amor,” catapulting him to prominence in the classical music world. With a vast following across concert stages and digital platforms, Mr. Zamor’s dedication to music is evident. He champions the transformative power of passion, believing in its ability to create magic.

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