Part 1 of The Piano Pod Season 4 Season 2: A Team of A Seat at the PianoI had a wonderful conversation with Season 4 Ep. 2 with the brilliant minds behind “A Seat at the Piano” (ASAP) – Annie Jeng, Brendan Jacklin, Evan Hines, and Susan Yang. Founded during 2020’s social and racial reckonings, these passionate, classically-trained pianists amplify underrepresented voices and advocate for inclusive musical programming.🎹 Episode Highlights:

  • ASAP’s mission
  • How they support fellow classical pianists & educators
  • A grand tour of the ASAP website
  • ASAP’s industry impact
  • Engaging modern audiences with classical music
  • The role of classical music today

🎹Spotlight on A Seat at the Piano: ASAP’s mission is to promote and advocate for the inclusion, study, and performance of a more equitably representative body of piano works. By creating a resource for musicians, pedagogues, and curious music appreciators, ASAP aims to broaden their knowledge of composers and their works.

🌐Learn more about ASAP, please visit

🎹Spotlight on team members of A Seat at the Piano:

  • Annie Jeng (Founder/Executive Director)
  • Brendan Jacklin (Co-founder/Director of Operations)
  • Evan Hines (Co-founder/Coordinator of Database Operations)
  • Susan Yang (Co-founder/Director of Special Projects and Community Engagement)

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