Join us for an enlightening conversation with the exceptionally talented Danny Holt, a virtuoso whose skills span being a concert pianist, percussionist, composer, and producer.

Praised as “phenomenal” by esteemed music critic Alan Rich and dubbed one of the “local heroes” of Los Angeles’s music scene by, Danny Holt has captivated audiences worldwide with his music. This is your opportunity to dive deep into the essence of Danny Holt’s musical voyage and the stories that have shaped his illustrious career.

In Part 1 of this episode, we delved into:

  • 🎹 How the pandemic reinforced Danny’s conviction in the irreplaceable magic of live performances.
  • 🎹 Transitioning from performing traditional classical piano pieces and conservatory training to embracing a broader spectrum of music through college and master’s degrees in innovative programs in New England where Danny’s unique artistic expression was nurtured, steering him beyond solo piano performances, leading to the creation of his distinctive Piano-Percussion Project.

In this segment of the interview, we unveil:

  1. βœ… The hidden gems of piano repertoire chosen by Danny
  2. βœ… The early influences that drew him to percussion
  3. βœ… An inside look at his pioneering piano-percussion project

Discover the world of Danny Holt’s artistry today by watching this episode!

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🎡 Danny’s Latest Album, Trailblazers


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