Welcome to The Piano Pod: Season 4 Premiere! In our inaugural episode of Season 4, we had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Michael Kaykov (@michaelkaykov), a renowned American pianist, recording expert, and educator. 🎹 Episode Insights:

  • Debunking myths surrounding Scriabin’s synesthesia
  • Michael’s inspiring association with the legendary pianist, Jerome Lowenthal
  • The heart of creativity in classical piano
  • Navigating the highs and lows of being an independent artist after rigorous training and much more!

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🎹 In Focus: Michael Kaykov: With a rich musical heritage, Michael’s performance journey began at age 6. His esteemed education includes Mannes College & Juilliard, mentored by icons Jerome Rose & Jerome Lowenthal. In 2020, he earned his DMA from the Manhattan School of Music, focusing on Scriabin Etudes. His third album, ‘Unrivalled’, has received widespread acclaim. Beyond performing, Dr. Kaykov is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of musicians.

🎹 About The Piano Pod: 🎙 Hello, piano enthusiasts! I’m Yukimi Song, your NYC-based host. Every two weeks, journey with me into the PIANO universe, engaging with trailblazers in classical music. Our goal? To offer a space for classical musicians and educators to reflect, converse, and strategize on keeping our domain vibrant and pertinent in this dynamic era, especially post-pandemic.

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