The Piano Pod is a monthly podcast by three pianists and teachers from NYC: Yukimi Song, Eric Hunter, and Clara Zhang. In this video, we introduce ourselves and explain how the COVID-19 pandemic compelled us to create this show.

Our goals are to examine the traditions of the piano and help to expand what it is capable of in the modern era. To this end, each month we interview a guest speaker who has been breaking exciting new ground in the industry.

In our debut episode, which will be available on September 8, the Piano Pod interviews Dr. Jon Skidmore, co-author of Conquer Anxiety: How to Overcome Anxiety and Optimize Your Performance. An expert in the field of performance-related anxiety, his Five Stages of Peak Performance contain a comprehensive strategy for dealing with nerves and optimizing performances both in music and elsewhere in life.

Music: “Gone Fishin'” by Eric Hunter:

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