Here is the little teaser of The Piano Pod’s latest episode with a guest, Krista Jadro: Music Learning Theory Specialist & Founder of Music Learning Academy, with a guest co-host, Siliana Chiliachka: Pianist/Educator and MLT Specialist.

I had a wonderful conversation with Krista Jadro, Music Learning Theory Specialist and Founder of Music Learning Academy, for this episode. 

🤔What is Music Learning Theory? What is audiation-based music teaching/learning? Krista explained and went deeper into these questions, and we discussed more MLT-related topics during the interview session. 

  • ✅ How do we learn when we learn music?
  • ✅ What cognitive process do we go through when we listen to, perform, create, read, and write music??
  • ✅ What kind of teaching sequences should music teachers take so that students of all levels understand what they are listening to, performing, creating, reading, and writing music?

Hey, fellow 🎹 teachers who are just starting your teaching career or have been teaching for decades (like me!), you do not want to miss this episode. Krista invites you to the pedagogy of Edwin E. Gordon, music education researcher & pioneer, and the world of Music Learning Theory!

Since MLT is a big topic, so the episode will be divided into two parts. Part one will be released on Tues, Feb 28, and part 2 will be out on Tues, March 7!

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