We had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Rae de Lisle from New Zealand for this season’s 8th episode.

Dr. Rae de Lisle is a world-class piano pedagogue who has produced many exceptional piano students of major competition winners in New Zealand and internationally throughout her outstanding teaching career.

Because of her own challenging experience at the height of her concert pianist career, Dr. de Lisle became a dedicated piano pedagogue, and researcher whose groundbreaking Ph.D. research into focal dystonia has gained international recognition and led to presentations and keynote speeches worldwide.

Her experience in teaching students from the very beginning to international competition winners, as well as her studies with renowned pedagogues Brigitte Wild (student of Claudio Arrau), Cyril Smith (student of Rachmaninoff), and Maria Curcio (student of Artur Schnabel), gives her a unique perspective on the development of injury-preventative piano technique at every level, from the beginner to the advanced pianist.

In this episode, Dr. de Lisle shares the painful experience she endured as a pianist, her research on focal dystonia, her philosophy of modern piano technique, and more. She will also share her latest publication of, “Fit 4 Piano,” exclusive for our audience! 

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[Dr. Rae de Lisle] 

Rae’s expertise as a teacher and leading researcher in focal dystonia and injury prevention in musicians is built on the foundations of her earlier career as a concert pianist. For almost twenty years, Rae was a prolific performer, playing around a hundred concerts a year, both nationally and internationally, as a soloist, accompanist, and chamber musician. As a result of an overuse injury that abruptly ended her performance career, her teaching became her focus. Her own search for recovery led Rae towards the research into injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

Rae has since been involved in assisting of many high-profile pianists, including New Zealand’s leading concert pianist, Michael Houstoun to recover from injury. At the university, Rae is the coordinator of the Musicians’ Health Programme, a collaborative program between the School of Medicine and the School of Music. As a result of Rae’s research into the biomechanics of piano technique and injury prevention, Rae has devised a set of exercises suitable for students of all levels, which deal with the most basic movements involved in piano playing. In the years since these exercises were introduced to the students majoring in Piano Performance at the University of Auckland, there has been a reduction in the injuries reported. Rae has since expanded these exercises further into a multi-media publication as part of a research project, Fit 4 Piano. 


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