TPP Team had a wonderful conversation with Mr. Geroge Ko: Young Steinway Artist/Composer/Improviser for this episode. 

George is a concert pianist pushing classical music forward by blending “Chopin-like virtuosity with the vast soundscapes of cinema.” His music revolves around improvisation – a practice typically confined to jazz music – which he’s brought into the realm of classical music. Many of his songs are one-take improvs, allowing maximum creativity and spontaneity. 

George has appeared on stages worldwide, from 2000-seat auditoriums to Carnegie Hall. In addition, his music has been heard at film festivals, television broadcasts, and music festivals in Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, and China. 

George is also a successful entrepreneur, having founded several companies and nonprofits. He received the CES Innovation Award in Robotics in 2019, the Harvard Gov 2.0 Award for innovation in politics, and a patent in data management. During the pandemic, despite his success in the tech and media sector, he realized his true calling was playing the piano, so he left his job and began focusing on playing piano professionally for the first time. 

He’s now a Young Steinway artist. And Steinway has described him as “making classical music accessible and exciting for the masses.” 

In this episode, you will hear about George’s complicated yet fulfilling relationship with the performing arts world, his discovery of his mission – entertaining his wide-range audience with his improvisatory skills on the piano as a classical pianist, his candid views about the trajectory of the classical music industry and more. 


[George Ko] Young Steinway Artist/Composer/Improviser 


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