I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Jee-Hoon Krska: founder of Keys 2 Success, MIT-grad Electrical Engineer, & Juilliard-trained pianist.

Since the launch of The Piano Pod, I have wanted to interview Dr. Krska so badly, so finally, my dream came true today!

So, what exactly is her non-profit, Keys 2 Success? It is a program founded in 2016 by Dr. Krska. She wanted to provide the young children of Newark the cultural enrichment to improve their lives growing up in the most underserved areas in Newark, NJ, through music education.

So, in this episode, you will hear topics such as:

  • The key to successfully building a strong, enriching, and inclusive community

  • How her musical career helped her achieve a successful academic career at MIT, fulfill her career as an engineer, and eventually found and run a non-profit organization.

  • The true meaning of inclusion

and more!

Jee-Hoon is an incredible person, strong/kind/generous, and an excellent storyteller–you get to hear how she overcame her challenges in her youth and became who she is today.


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