I had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Pablo Estigarribia, 2022 Latin Grammy Winner & Tango pianist/arranger/composer! We discussed Pablo’s Latin Grammy Award-Winning album, “Horacio Salgán Piano Transcriptions,” his path to becoming a tango pianist, his performance at one of the most famous Jazz venues in the world, Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC, his passion for composing, arranging and teaching, and more. He also explained the distinctive characteristics of Argentine tango music and shared the secrets to playing tango piano music stylistically.

[About Mr. Pablo Estigarribia]

Mr. Estigarribia began training as a classical pianist, studied at the National Conservatory in Buenos Aires, performed on prominent concert stages in Argentina, and collaborated with the Congress Chamber Orchestra, the National Radio Orchestra, and the Chaco Symphony, among many others. Seeking to broaden his musical horizons beyond the classical realm, Mr. Estigarribia took a brief detour through jazz, where he discovered tango in 2005. He rapidly established his reputation as a nuanced and masterful tango performer and recording artist worldwide. His album Tangos Para Piano (EPSA) won the prestigious 2015 Gardel Prize for Best Tango Album by a New Artist. Mr. Estigarribia is also a dedicated educator. He aims to share the beauty of tango’s rich lineage and reopen the passage of tango repertoire with new generations of musicians through his compositions, teaching, and performances.


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