TPP team had a wonderful conversation with Mr. David A. Jones, film composer and educator. He is also co-creator/composer/music producer of the new Musical Animated Edutainment TV series, Rhythm Warriors, produced by Emofront and Presto Music in association with Sparky Animation Studios for this fun episode.  

Mr. Jones recently launched a new piano/music theory course for young students called “Rhythm Warriors Piano Zone,” which presented at a 3-day online event called the Ultimate Music Business Summit, which took place a few weeks ago. The summit is an annual online event for music entrepreneurs to gain cutting-edge ideas and information. 

Mr. Jones is also the director of the UK-based music production company, Presto Music Production, and Presto Music School, the largest independent music school in the U.K. 

What if there were adorable animated characters 🦸‍♀️🦹‍♀️🦸to coach your students/children during their daily piano practice through your digital devices?  Start watching this episode to find out more about David’s latest piano/theory course, Rhythm Warriors Piano Zone!   

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