For this season’s final episode, I interviewed Maryam Raya, American-born international concert pianist, fashionista, Entrepreneur, and “Complete Artist of the 21st Century.” I’d wanted to invite her as a guest speaker for quite some time, and finally, I had an opportunity to do so, and I am pleased to share this special episode with you! I thought it was timely and appropriate to finish this fantastic season with a guest like Maryam, who is not only an incredible artist but also an entrepreneur with degrees in music, literature, and business management. She also collaborates with professionals from the film industry. This season’s theme, without much intention on my end, has been all about audience engagement. Three-plus years of the pandemic taught us the importance of our audience and forced us to think about who we are and redefine our mission as artists and music educators. So, to complete this audience engagement series, Maryam is the perfect guest to end it for her success in establishing and branding her name as a classical pianist. Don’t worry! The Piano Pod will be back for Season 4 in mid-September 2023!

The Piano Pod 🎙- Bringing PIANO into the 21st Century

  • Hey, 🎹 lovers out there! The Piano Pod is a bi-monthly podcast🎙 show hosted by Yukimi Song–classical pianist & educator from NYC. Twice a month, I get to talk about PIANO with a guest speaker who has been breaking exciting new ground in the classical music industry. The Piano Pod aims to provide a platform for classical musicians and educators to reflect and discuss how to keep our industry robust and relevant in this rapidly changing world and move it forward in the post-pandemic era.
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