Here is the second half of the episode with Mr. David Hackbridge Johnson, one of the prolific 🇬🇧composers of our time. In Part 2, we focused on his compositions other than solo piano pieces, such as his 15 symphonies, the recently premiered opera “Blaze of Glory,” and more. And as always with each guest, we ended our conversation with philosophical questions such as how we, classical musicians, need to keep our industry relevant in the post-pandemic era and reach out to the 21st-century audience more creatively. If you missed Part 1 of this special episode, please tap HERE to listen wherever you listen to your podcasts.[David Hackbridge Johnson – Composer & Multi-instrumentalist]His name became known to many classical music listeners worldwide in recent years with one of America’s most frequently performed and recorded living composers and Pianists, Mr. Lowell Libermann’s solo piano album under the Steinway and Sons label. The title of the album is 😈 The Devil’s Lyre, and all the pieces are written by Mr. Hackbridge Johnson.🎼 He has written over 20 symphonies and tone poems, various chamber, vocal, ballet, opera, and choral music. In addition, he has written extensively for the piano, including 18 sonatas, 7 Nocturnes, and many shorter pieces and piano cycles.


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