Hey guys, next Saturday, April 22, is Earth Day. So to appreciate our planet Earth, I thought I should focus on Climate Change for this upcoming eps.Climate change is defined as long-term changes in weather patterns and has become an alarming issue affecting everyone. Unfortunately, our activities are the leading cause of climate change.In recent years, more and more people from all walks of life have been raising awareness about climate change. And today’s guest, multi-award-winning composer, Brian Field , is also stepping up by starting a musical movement, “Passions for our Tortured Planet,” to bring further awareness to this danger that will impact all citizens of this earth.Brian is also the one who has composed “Three Passions for our Tortured Planet” for solo piano, focusing on three climate change areas: Fire🔥, Glaciers🧊🌊, and Winds💨for this cause. And the great news is that we all can participate in this cause! Listen to this entire episode to learn about this project, how it operates, and how we can participate in saving Earth!

[Passions for our Tortured Planet project]

Watch the entire work, “Passions for our Tortured Planet,” here:

[Brian Field – Composer/Environmentalist] Brian Field is a multi-award-winning composer, winning many notable awards, including the grand prize of the Vivaldi International Competition and the first prize of the Briar Cliff Choral Music Competition. 📺


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