In this episode, TPP interviews Dr. Jonathan Ong 🇦🇺, classical pianist, improviser, arranger, and Twitch streamer! With over 57,000 followers, 2.4 million views, and 3,500 hours of streaming time, Jonathan is ranked in the top 0.1% of all Twitch streamers and is among the world’s top Twitch music channels.  We had a great time talking to him about “digital busking,” making it in a freelance economy, and the importance of a growth mindset.  Check out his Twitch channel 👾

*Note: We had a lot of technical issues during the taping: Yukimi’s computer crashed, and Eric forgot to plug in his good microphone! So sorry about the audio quality. We will do better in the future!

Stay tuned for an extra special episode of The Piano Pod in two weeks: TPP Happy Hour! See you then!