In our very first live-streamed episode, The Piano Pod interviews Ray Mak (, a Malaysian pop pianist and YouTube star. With over 300,000 subscribers to date, Ray has built a career around the incredible popularity of his solo piano covers. Ray tells us the story of his journey on YouTube from the beginning till now, offering a ton of helpful tips for those who are just starting out or looking to increase their views and subscribers.

 [Season 1 Episode 5: Live with Ray Mak!] 

00:00:00 Intro Music 

00:00:42 Intro 335

00:03:35 How Ray Met His Teacher, Clara (one of The Piano Pod’s Co-Host)! 

00:06:00 Reaching 300K Subscribers 

00:06:50 Moving Location Changed the Algorithm of His YouTube Channel 

00:09:45 How Losing His Eyesight Shaped His Artistry as a Pianist 

00:15:19 How Ray Started Posting His Videos on YouTube 

00:21:55 Ray the Multi-Talented and Multilingual 

00:23:39 Becoming a Youtube Pianist by Accident? 

00:24:45 Making a Music Career on YouTube 

00:28:23 Your Imperfection is Perfect. 

00:31:12 Started Making $$ on YouTube 

00:34:19 Getting Sponsorship on YouTube 

00:37:01 Consistency and Persistence are the Keys 

00:40:42 How to Engage the Audience 

00:43:53 Responding to Haters with Love 

00:47:19 A Recipe to Make a Viral Video!?!? 

00:53:13 Covering/Posting Pop Songs–Dealing with Copyright 

00:56:25 The Pandemic Tripled the Viewership 

00:59:47 The Recording Equipment Recommendation 

01:06:47 The Name “Ray Mak” 

01:08:30 Two Key Successful Tips to Share 

01:13:08 What Inspires Ray and Stays Motivated 

[Ray Mak] 

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